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How Much Is Car Insurance for Teens?

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A profitable thing about car insurance for teens lies in discounts and special offers. In fact, every insurance company offers different terms and conditions for teens, who want to secure their vehicle. One thing remains unaltered – the annual car insurance can increase by several thousand dollars.

You have to understand that every applicant, who is under 24, is a real risk for the insurance company. Therefore, you will likely pay a lot. Generally, the car you drive doesn’t matter. The same policy rate for the teen can be 227% higher than for an adult!

Different states and companies have their specific terms of the car insurance for teens. An average annual rate a teen will receive in California from X Company is $2,804, from Y Company – $3,048, from Z Company – $7,290. All the same no matter what insurance company you will choose, you will pay a high annual rate and premium for teen auto insurance. Here you can check what car insurance quote can you get.

Obviously, there are lots of available discounts for good students, who have 3.0 average grade point. Students, who live away from school or home, can also receive discounts as well as those, who decide to raise your deductible.

By the way, do not forget that it is so convenient to use online insurance services.