terror attacks in Paris
Photo credit: Pixabay.com

Companies of all kinds have responded to the terror attacks in Paris. Everybody has expressed their support and compassion.

On November, 13 Paris has faced a few coordinated attacks and as a result of it, more than 100 are dead. Less than a year ago there were terror attacks of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo and at a kosher store in Paris.

Representatives of business world said words of support and some of them offered new tools to help people feel safer in Paris. Personal Money Service company – reputable provider of small personal loans – also would like to express its condolence and support.


Famous online retailer displayed a rippling French flag against a black banner on its website. We can see the word “solidarité” under it. Also the company placed the same banner on its Facebook and Twitter pages.


The company showed its support by placing a black ribbon on its France-based Apple Store website. Apple CEO Tim Cook used Twitter to send the message to those affected by the attacks. “Prayers for Paris, the victims and their loved ones. Nous sommes tous Parisiens,” he wrote.


The company made international calls to France free via its Hangouts app. Thus, people across the world can connect with their friends or relatives in France for free. Also, Google placed a black ribbon on its homepage.


The company didn’t make any changes to its website but their CEO Satya Nadella used his Twitter account to share his sorrow. He said that all the company is deeply saddened by the events in Paris.


One of the world’s most popular social networks created a special tool called “Safety Check” for people in Paris to be able to let their loves ones that they were safe. With a help of this tool it’s possible to mark yourself or to check family members or friends. Also Facebook created a new profile filter using the French flag. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the filter on his profile picture and shared a message of support.


The housing rental startup is not an exception and they also shared warm words of support. The company said that they are very saddened and heartbroken by the latest events in Paris. Also, they informed that for the moment their biggest priority is making all the travelers stay safe in Paris. At the same time, Airbnb is focused on confirming their employees are safe.


Popular video chat and phone service supported people by making all calls to France free for “the next few days”. The company said that all domestic and international Skype calls to France will stay free for the next few days. Thus, people will be able to contact their loved ones in France to check if they are safe.


Social network and news site also shared its support for France. Reddit changed their logo, a little alien, and we can see it holding a French flag. The company’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian shared the updated logo in Twitter and posted a message saying “Vive la France”.


The video streaming service changed its logo to show support for the people of France. It was redesigned to have the colors of the French flag. There’s the message shared by the company: “We stand together. We stand with Paris”.


The wireless carrier offered free calls and texts to and from France to its clients through Sunday. The company’s CEO John Legere shared the message of support in Twitter saying that his thoughts are with the people in France and their families and friends abroad.


The taxi company changed the colors of the car icons in its app and used the colors of the French flag. Changes are visible not in all the locations where Uber operates. Users of the application shared images via Twitter. Also Uber shared a message saying support to everyone in France.