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The great news for every businessman or beginner is that launching and funding your own business is possible. The bad news is that there is no person, who would come to you and give the particular sum of money. Everything in a complicated financial world depends on your resourcefulness and ideas.

Yes, there are dozens of success stories, where people reach an unbelievable success coming from the bottom. It happens but, in fact, it’s difficult to find a person, who is looking forward to your outstanding ideas.

It’s time to brainstorm a business plan for funding! 2017 is the year of your successful business beginnings. It’s the time when you can increase your business revenue by 20%!

Check out this great pack of business fundraising ideas and fund your own business!

Consider Bartering Method

Usually, people in a business find themselves as they give each other what they have and receive in return something they truly need. Businessmen call it bartering. It means that you can find people, who need something, what you have and have something what you need.

This beneficial exchange is the right decision in 90% of cases. By the way, your network can act as a mediator between you and your future investors.

Apply for Bank Support

Banks support startups grudgingly. Firstly, most of the beginning businessmen can’t provide an impressive financial plan. Banks can’t invest in something that doesn’t look like a beneficial deal. Secondly, some of the beginners have a bad credit score!

Still, it doesn’t mean that getting a loan approval from the bank is impossible. As the second variant, you can consider different local or national organizations like Small Business Administration that support startups.

Consider Help of Incubators

Such powerful resources as Y Combinator, for instance, are the other reliable ways to find financial help. An aforementioned Y Combinator is a venture capital fund that operates in the format of a business incubator. It not only offers outstanding resources for young businessmen but also provides seed funding.

Seed funding is a type of financial support, which requires an equity stake in the company in return for the investments. It’s a suitable decision for earlier stages of your business.

You can also consider the help of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI), ATP Innovations, or the National Business Incubation Association as the other powerful business incubators.

Ask for Advance from Partner

If you launched or have launched your business with a partner, you can ask an advance from him. Unless you provide a winning business strategy, your partner will find a needed sum of money for you.

It happens rarely but if you work without a partner, you can ask for an advance from a customer, who is ready to support your brilliant idea.

Look for Venture-Capital Investors

Venture investors are those organizations or businessmen, who look for the promising startups to invest. If you are sure that your idea will pique the interest of the potential investors, you should apply to one of the dozens of venture investors.

Advanced Technology Ventures, Accel Partners, Atlas Venture, August Capital are only a part of the available resources of the business funding.

Search for Angel-Investor Organizations

The other kind of venture capital investors is angel-investors, which differ from others as they are private or individual ones. They also fund young businessmen. A number of investments might be smaller than national venture organizations offer. But it still remains a handy option for young businessmen.

Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding is the other popular and working way to invest your business.

Such resources as Indiegogo, GoFundMe, ArtistShare, and other services allow creating projects online, promoting them, and withdrawing investments.

The terms of different services differ, as well as preferences and audience. Still, it’s a powerful way not only to find investors but also potential clients and fans!

Apply for Grants

Every young businessman can find information about government grants for startups. Though the competition is quite high, people still win grants and make their dreams come true! Social media resources contain information about various grants.

Involve Your Family and Friends

If your family and friends are a support for you, they might decide to become a financial support for you too. Probably, the amount of money won’t be large or you will have to promise an equity stake in the startup. But at the early stages, you will receive investments.

Here are 6 more cases when it’s OK to borrow money.

Become a Blacksmith of Your Own Happiness

At least one of the aforementioned ways to fund your business will definitely work. Still, don’t forget that you can also rely on yourself! Nowadays over 80% are self-funded and there is nothing scaring to become your own investor.