Bullish Trend

A trend is a financial term which shows what direction the market moves in. The Bullish Trend is defined as a rising trend in the market which means the market goes up. The Bullish Trend is usually paired with the Bearish Trend (downward market direction).

The Bullish Trend is a positive tendency of the market as it shows the economy’s recovery. Trends are usually defined by the brokers’ vision and attitude towards the market. This way when the stock prices are rising, the investors’ confidence is rising as well causing the Bullish Trend.

The Bull Market

The Bullish Trend in the market, aka the bull market, can be observed when the market price has risen 20% from the bottom. Not only the market prices going up or down are responsible for the bearish and bullish trend. The traders’ predictions of the market can also cause its upward or downward trend.

The Bullish Trend is also presented in the interest rate field; however, with a change in name. When interest rates are being raised, this is known to be the “hawkish” trend.

The Bullish or Bearish trends are not constant. They can continuously go back and forth. While being confident about the Bullish tendency in the market, a trader can change his opinion according to the recent economic changes.