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How to Borrow Against 401k?

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A common question “Can I borrow against my 401k?” usually arise before applying for this loan. Not every plan will finance certain needs. Therefore, you should check out beforehand whether a plan would finance your case. For this purpose, you should check out your summary plan description or talk to the plan provider.

Then you should understand how much you could borrow. Usually, this plan allows borrowing 50% of the account value up to $50,000. Still, the terms differ and some plans offer 100 percent of an account up to $10,000. The government though sets certain limits and you should know what they are according to your plan.

If you still don’t know can you borrow against your 401k, you should understand whether you manage to afford the interest.

The employer usually sets the interest that must meet the IRS requirements. Mostly, it’s a prime rate and 1% – 2% points.

Then you should understand what the repayment period is and ask about any peculiarities that can cost you money. Employers usually require paying off the debt with deductions from the paycheck. The withdrawals come after taxes not before like original contributions.

On the one hand, 401k loans are very attractive: they don’t affect credit, don’t require a credit check, the interest can be quite tempting, you borrow your own money. Still, it’s important to weigh all pros and cons before applying.

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