Credit Unions and Traditional Banks: What is Your Best Option?

credit union vs bank
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There was a time when to use one or another financial service you had to apply to the bank and there was no other alternative option. But fortunately, this time has left behind and today consumers are free to choose financial institutions to apply to (read about consumer loans).

If you’re not satisfied with the service provided by your bank and you consider changing it, then wait a little and consider other options. One of such options is to apply to a credit union. Many consumers today favor credit unions over banks because quite often these financial institutions offer more variable products and services than some banks do.

But in some occasions American banks can suit you better than anything. Here is a comparison of banks and credit unions to help you to make the smartest financial decision.

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Why 0% Credit Cards Aren’t the Best Choice Sometimes

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It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t like to get something for free. As for interest rates and loan deals «0» is a magical number and that’s why consumers literally chase after such offers. Most of them think that there’s nothing better than interest- free credit card.

Quite often people use such cards to deal with the massive debt they have. Opportunity to use the money within definite time period attracts many but not everybody knows that when interest free period will be over then high interest rate will be charged.

Consumers must understand that there’s nothing the credit company will do without making its profit. If there’s something for free then start looking for downfalls.  In any case, there are lending products which are good alternatives to interest-free credit card.

Bonus: Learn how to get free money from the government.

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Free Application for Federal Student Aid 101: How to Get the Money Aid

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We all know that a college education is extremely expensive today. It’s almost a luxury so in case you want to go to college you should get ready in front and it’s worth paying special attention to the financial side of the question.

Probably you’ve heard about FAFSA but you don’t have enough information to understand how it can help you out.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid provides an opportunity to receive financial assistance from the government and to cut college costs.

Sounds good, isn’t it? But keep in mind that getting such assistance can be a complicated process and it’s necessary to get to know the details. There are tips and hints to help you to ease the process and to avoid wrong steps.

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6 Champion Ways for Budgeting Money as a Teen

Ways for Budgeting Money as a Teen
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Being a teenager can be challenging, especially when it comes to personal finances. Many teenagers still rely on their parents and are financed by them.

However, it’s significant to make your children learn about budgeting and saving while they are still young so that they will appreciate the sense of financial responsibility in their adult life when money becomes a much more serious concern.

If you are a teenager having a part-time job, it will also be beneficial for you to learn some budgeting tips and tricks that will help you make the money last between jobs and save for something you want to purchase. Here are the steps you should make.

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Best Personal Finance Apps You Have to Try in 2019

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Budget management isn’t always easy. Furthermore, all operations connected with money often require particular attention and extra tools. Finance software can become a useful assistant in the finance management. It’s only important to pick up the right app.

There are plenty of them on the Internet. They differ as they were created for people with different tastes. In order to choose the best budgeting software, you should try at least a couple of them. Personal Money Service made a list of the most reliable and comfortable software. So, you should familiarize with them and choose the best one for you. Professionally designed programs will definitely organize and stimulate you!

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Generations on Social Media


We use it every single day. The day starts and ends with social media networks. To follow the modern trends, you need to know social media marketing directions, even if you run just a small local business. Every business needs a social media presence. There’s no way back!

With the help of this infographic, you’ll be able to understand if your business moves in the right direction with the right generation list. We also use social media every day, so we know a lot about different generations. Who knows, maybe this information will help you using online installment loans just a little less to cover some needs.

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All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

About Travel Insurance
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We all know how difficult it is to choose the best travel insurance that you can actually trust. Nowadays, there are so many insurance policies and plans to choose from. Travel insurance plans depend on various factors from the age of travelers to the trip cost. We are happy to share with you some helpful tips on how to make your decision and choose the right travel insurance.

Also, find out how to choose your health insurance plan!

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What Is a Consumer Loan?


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Haven’t you ever needed money on a nonsense basis? Just for Christmas presents or a new dress for the anniversary. Everyone will more likely know themselves in it. In the eve of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, we especially need money. Personal Money Service knows the solution for you! Consumer loan would be the best decision!

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Get Your Business Funded in 2017!

Your Business Funded
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The great news for every businessman or beginner is that launching and funding your own business is possible. The bad news is that there is no person, who would come to you and give the particular sum of money. Everything in a complicated financial world depends on your resourcefulness and ideas.

Yes, there are dozens of success stories, where people reach an unbelievable success coming from the bottom. It happens but, in fact, it’s difficult to find a person, who is looking forward to your outstanding ideas.

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People Need a Loan: 6 Reasons Why

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According to, more than 43% of American families do actually spend more than they can financially afford. A consumer society made everyone spend beyond their actual financial opportunities.

All of us dream of having their own house, a car and all other material things to enjoy our life to the fullest. While we might afford to go to the restaurants or buy brand clothes once in a while, there are costs an average American wouldn’t be able to pay right away.
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