4 Things to Pass a Financial Stress Test

Money stress
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The Federal Reserve conducts stress test on some of the biggest financial institutions every year to assess their financial health and find out whether they have adequate capital to defy a significant downturn in the economy.

Recently, the Federal Reserve revealed their results from their stress tests of 2015 which eventually highlighted the worries of retirement.

Do you know exactly whether your financial plan will be able to withstand the massive financial stressors of retirement?

Are you able to maintain your standard of living following a layoff, a huge medical bill, or an investment which turns out to be a loss? Does the burden of financial stress keep you up all through the night?

Surely, you can get small personal loans online with a low-interest rate, but isn’t it better to have some money ready for such occasions?
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10 Best Ways To Save Money In October

halloween saving tips
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October is a month of yellow leaves and cool weather. Days are getting shorter and colder, so you have to warm your house and get ready for the winter. Also, holiday season is coming, so it’s the right time to prepare for it. But except of all this hassle, October brings many opportunities for saving money! Try our helpful tips to stay on top of your finance this fall!

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3 Financial Lessons to Learn from 50 Cent

3 Financial Lessons
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Curtis Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, has recently gone bankrupt. Most likely, you know about it already from TV news or magazines and newspapers. Many people have the same question: “How is it possible to lose so much money so quickly?”. 50 Cent was one of the richest hip-hop artists in the world and most of us could never imagine that he will ever file for bankruptcy.

He sold more than 20 millions of albums and got rich very quickly. As financial analysts say, it often happens to people who get very high incomes for very short periods of time. Use these tips to avoid bankruptcy filling and try to learn from the others’ mistakes.

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Save Cash Living From Paycheck to Paycheck

emergency money
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Yes, saving money is difficult when you live from paycheck to paycheck. All of us have daily expenses and commitments like paying rent, utility bills and etc, so after paying for all that there’s often nothing left to save. Moreover, sometimes a paycheck doesn’t allow covering even the basic needs so consumers choose emergency money loans to meet expenses.

However, everything depends on your wish to break “from paycheck to paycheck” cycle and a motivation for saving money. We know well that those, who want look for an opportunity and those who don’t want, look for an excuse. That’s why put all the excuses aside and use these tips to save money even if you live from paycheck to paycheck!

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