True Ways to Sell Your House Much Faster

how to sell your house
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You already know how to choose a mortgage loan, but maybe you already own a house and simply want to sell it? When it comes to selling your house, there are decisions that you make along the way. These decisions could either cost you or save you a few coins. Before making any plans, it’s important that you make a selling plan.

The selling plan should include the repair budget, the expected sale value and the waiting time. It’s quite possible that you open a house for sale and it stays the whole year without getting a buyer. Try as much a possible not to make selling mistakes. Continue reading “True Ways to Sell Your House Much Faster”

How to Become a Millionaire in 5 Steps

how to become a Millionaire
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Being a millionaire is an unattainable dream of millions of people. Still, is this dream so unattainable? Hundreds of people every day try their ideas, start a business, get hired to promising and not that promising jobs, think of how to deal with unexpected expenses but, mostly, they still remain middle managers or CEO assistants and move away from their cherished dream. What’s the reason?
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Contending With Unexpected Expenses

tips to cut your spending
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Our previous article was about how to get a second mortgage, but this is hardly possible if you have bad spending habits. Some things have to be changed once and for all. What would you do if your washing machine breaks, you have to visit a veterinary because you pet needs help and that happens on the same day?

We became used to planning our time and planning our budget. Sure enough, you know that unexpected expenses always occur when we are not ready, but only a few of us include them in the budget and stash money in savings on a weekly/monthly basis. According to a survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, two in three Americans do not have enough savings to deal with unforeseen expenses at the rate of about $1,000.
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How to Always Have Money: Part 2

How to Always Have Money
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Remember our How to always have money? Well, it is time to expand the list! No matter how good in money management you are, there always are times when we experience the lack of money. Jobless people, middle managers or executives may need a loan from time to time but don’t know where to find a reasonable one.

Obviously, there are lots of ways to borrow money – ask friends or family, apply to a bank or other company or even department that offers financial help.

Still, in today’s digital era lending money became easier – you can find a REPUTABLE online company that deals with quick personal loans (such as Personal Money Service, for instance) and get money within several minutes. Impressive, isn’t it?
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7 Money Saving Tips for this Valentine’s Day


“Money can’t buy you love, but it can get you some really good chocolate ginger biscuits.” — Dylan Moran“

happy valentines day
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More than 100 million cards are exchanged every year on Valentine’s Day. That’s the second result after Christmas Eve. The 14th of February is a holiday that dates back to 5th century. Nowadays, it’s a special date for couples and those who look for a soul mate.

No wonder the romantic fever forces people to buy presents, flowers, chocolates and cards. Some experts say that this year Valentine’s Day spending can reach $20 billion!
Keep in mind that some lovebirds go to the extent of purchasing expensive jewelry, accessories and even real estate to impress their spouses.

It would be unfair to blame them. Everyone wants to be loved and this holiday is a perfect chance. Continue reading “7 Money Saving Tips for this Valentine’s Day”