Donald Trump’s Tax Plan is Very Good… for Him

tax plan of trump

Most of Trump’s income comes from his “small” enterprises but their rate of proposal quickly reduces.

Washington – The tax plan of Donald Trump could bring him $757 million over the period of 10 years of the proposal from slashing of the taxes on “small” businesses. Trump owns several “limited liability businesses” which brought him the vast majority of his income last year. These are the type of companies that would experience the maximum reduction of tax rates from 39.6% to 25%.

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Best President for the U.S. Economy

If you love your country, you must be willing to defend it from fraud, bigotry, and recklessness–even from a president.”
― DaShanne Stokes

So who did it better? We’ve created a list of presidents of the United States whose economic input was the largest. Numbers do not like no matter how much we like or dislike a certain president. The best time for small businesses, the worst time for employment – who was responsible? Each of these guys had his best and worst moments. Even though ranking presidents is close to impossible, we wanted to try.


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How to Get a Personal Loan: Your Ultimate Guide

personal loan guide

Due to the rise of online lending, personal loans have become really popular over the last few years. TransUnion has been making yearly surveys and found out that the number of people taking out personal loans has increased by 18% since 2013.

More and more people are relying on personal loans to help them solve temporary financial issues. Especially millennials tend to use them as a way to finance their big purchases or consolidate debts.

So, if you’ve made a decision to take out a personal loan but don’t have enough information about the application process, here is the ultimate guide meant to help you get a loan.

Get a Loan

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Debt Consolidation as a Great Business Debt Solution

business debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is a well-known option that helps small business owners deal with the debt crisis. Sometimes it can even save your venture.

Everyone knows that economically weak countries often suffer from the increasing burden of debt. Similarly, people burdened by multiple loans can hardly pay all the debt installments in time. This puts them in a state of financial vulnerability.

Keep in mind that some solutions to such crisis may drag you even deeper into a debt pit. You have to be cautious and know exactly what to do while opting for any of them.

Bonus: Read how to make money during a bad economy.

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Hurricane Irma Will Bring Gigantic Economic Loss

hurricane irma

People of the US have just had recovered from the previous storm. Today they are about to be hit by another storm that will not only bring destruction to some regions but will also result in huge economic losses.

It goes without saying that Hurricane Irma will cost billions of dollars to the people and companies whose property will be destroyed.

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Making Money During Bad Economy

make money during bad economy

Investment is not a fair weather friend to you finances, but it can be an aspect of your financial portfolio no matter what the market holds. The only difference is where a smart investor puts their money in a bear market, or a down economy, as opposed to the choices of investment during a bull economy.

When the economy is down, it is time to think about long-term investments, since the investor can now buy up funds, stocks, and more at an impressively low price. In fact, a down economy is the opportunity to build and diversify your portfolio at a discounted rate.

Most importantly during these times, be sure to only invest funds you can afford to lose, in case of disaster. These methodologies describe how to make extra money, not create a new proprietary income. The higher diversity you manage during a bear economy, the lower your risk, and below you can find a list of ten diverse options to invest your money.

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Top 5 Points to Keep in Mind while Availing a Home Loan

tips for a home loan

Purchasing a house will become one of the biggest expenses of the entire life. The mortgage is the thing that you will deal with for the next years. Therefore, your attitude to choosing a mortgage loan and a lender should be as responsible as possible.

Five crucial things will help you to get prepared to mortgage and succeed in the repayment process. By following this simple guideline from Personal Money Service a loan referral site, you will manage to go through the mortgage without stress and unpredictable troubles.

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Steps to Help You Avoid Repossession of Car Loan

car loan payment

Have missed a car loan repayment and now worry about the consequences? It may happen to everybody. You don’t need to panic but remember to act fast.

Here is what you should think about. Thirty days after its due date your car payment may be considered delinquent on the credit report. And as you know, your credit score is important when applying for any loan or refinancing.

So, if your credit score is hurt, it can decrease your chances of getting approved for the future loans and refinancing your car.

Bonus: Read why you need to be careful with a long-term auto loan.

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Don’t Miss These Hacks to Save Money at Gap, Macy’s and Kohl’s

how to save on stores

A lot of people prefer to shop online as it can save quite a lot of time and money. This option is definitely much easier than to shop in stores.

However, if you know the secrets and shop strategically, you can find great deals and slash the price of desired items. This is another money lesson you need to learn before you’re 25.

Today we are going to share with you some of the greatest hacks revealed by Joanie Demer who works as a co-founder of The Crazy Coupon Lady. Keep reading to discover the most interesting and useful retail store hacks for Gap, Macy’s and Kohl’s.

If you use these tips, you probably won’t need to Google search: “loan places near me“!

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New Cashback App “Tail” Is Launched for Londoners

fintech innovations

A brand new London-based start-up “Tail” has recently made a lot of noise as it offers the possibility of open banking. Right now the platform is available for iOS and works for London inhabitants.

Thanks to the app, the user can spot significant discounts for food and drinks at local places. The payment information is linked to your Monzo card and each week will be delivered in the form of cashback.


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