3 Major Credit Bureaus: What They Do

credit bureau reports
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You may need to get in touch with a major credit bureau once in a while if you want to request a freeze on your credit report or would like to dispute a negative item.

Also, you may even have a good credit score but still want to check the copy of your annual credit report. This can help to protect your identity and ensure fair pricing on your credit.

If you want to know everything about your current credit score and review any prospective problems or mistakes, you may need to contact one of 3 credit bureau.

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What Does It Mean to Default on a Loan?

default on a loan
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If you have a loan default, it means that you have a halt in making loan payments. What does it mean for you as a borrower? Well, nothing great. In fact, it can hurt your credit and allow a lender to contact credit bureaus. So, if you think that a miss in payment will occur in the nearest future, find out your potential options.

Indeed, things happen and none of us is safe from the worst-case-scenarios. And when you feel that you may default on a loan, take preventive actions.

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Signature Loans: Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

signature loan
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Signature loans are often called “e-signature loans” because a borrower is only required to put the online signature, thus giving a promise to pay the loan off. A signature loan may be used for various purposes and gives a chance to receive quick help when you need money desperately.

Although some companies claim the opportunity to get signature loans no credit check, every lender and finance-related service provider performs at least a soft check. Such type of loans are unsecured, therefore they are high- risk for lenders.

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Can a Payday Loan Company Sue You?

can payday loans sue you
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It’s dismaying to hear that people still ask questions like ‘Can a loan company take you to court?’. Even if it’s not common, it can absolutely sue you.

This is hardly a secret that in order to avoid difficulties, you should always pay your statement balance in full, every month, without exceptions. Do you plan on using your payday loan the correct way? Great, then a collection agency is not a concern for you. Otherwise, it’s more likely that you risk putting in front of a judge.

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