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2015 is coming to its end, so it’s time to review your personal finance and set an effective strategy for 2016. You can spend hours reading various recommendations, but Personal Money Service wants to save your time and offer you the best money tips from the best financial experts! These people are well-known specialists in their area, so it’s worth to listen to their advice and create the best strategy to be on top of your finance next year!

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Warren Buffett: Never Lose Money

Needless to say that Warren Buffett’s advice is worth our attention! He’s one of the richest people in the world and an amazing investor. By saying “never lose money” he means to avoid the risk of losing money when it’s possible. He recommends never put something you need under a risk to get something you just want. Avoid risky investments and consider investing funds carefully!

Another important tip from Mr. Buffett is creating healthy financial habits and start saving money. Make it as painless as possible, for example, set an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account. Choose long-term goals over short-term pleasures and remember that a way to wealth takes time. Also, do not forget about our advice about how to always have money!

David Ramsey: Know What to Do with Your Money and Do It!

David Ramsey is a popular author and the owner of the popular radio show. His pieces of advice helped many people to get out of debt and to achieve financial independence. He’s saying that the problem is that many people don’t plan their expenses, they just wonder where the money goes. Instead of it. it’s necessary to be proactive with your finance: make a budget, pay off the debt and build savings.

Clark Howard: Find a Job that You Like

Clark Howard is a well-known name in the financial industry, he is the author of 10 books and spent years helping people to become financially successful. His top advice for 2016 is to make sure you’re satisfied with your current job and if no, find the one you’ll be happy with. Don’t be afraid to quit something that doesn’t make you happy and shop the job market. Keep in mind that many companies are ready to offer great opportunities, so why not to take advantage of it?

Nicole Lapin: Negotiate Rates

Bestselling author and famous columnist, Nicole Lapin, gives her best tip for 2016: learn to negotiate. She recommends always ask for better rates and no matter whether it’s a phone plan or medical bills. “All you can lose is a little of time, but you can win much better conditions!”, she says. When negotiating something you don’t take any risk, so call all your providers and ask for better rates. You’ll see, most of them will say “yes” because they don’t want to lose their clients!

Whitney Johnson: Build Savings

Popular financial analyst and author Whitney Johnson says that the best thing to do in 2016 is to make saving money a priority. Many people live from paycheck to paycheck and don’t save any money for the future – that’s a huge mistake. No matter how much you are currently making, set an emergency fund. Saving even a little each month makes a difference and helps to be confident in your tomorrow.

Chris Hogan: Set Financial Goals and Create a Plan to Reach Them

Chris Hogan is the former national champion and now he helps people to reach financial prosperity by being an expert. His top money tip for 2016 is to set goals and make a plan to achieve them. Life is fast, many people just live, work and don’t set any goals for the future. According to Mr. Hogan, planning is the key to financial success, so find time to identify your goals and make winning a strategy. “A dream without a plan is just a wish”, he says.

Kyle Tailor: Find Ways to Make More Money

Kyle Taylor is the owner of the popular blog and his top recommendation for 2016 is to focus on bringing more money. He says that concentrating just on saving money is not enough, it’s also necessary to think how to make extra funds. Spend as much time thinking of new sources of income as you do thinking how to cut expenses and save.