Debt Consolidation Program to Lower Payments

Reduce or cut your debt with online debt consolidation programs. Get a simple payment plan that consolidates your multiple loans into one. This way you get lower monthly expenses, a better cash flow. Consider help of Personal Money Service’s reliable partners. Forget about never-ending stress of multiple payments.

Factors to Be Considered

Keep in mind that the extended term of loan may lead to the increased interest payment over the whole loan period and higher total costs.

How Does It Work?

The 5 steps below will help you understand the way the credit consolidation programs work.

1. Free financial analysis with no obligations. The experts in debt counseling from the Personal Money Service cooperating partner will study the potential client’s income and outcome, as well as debt obligations. The professionals will figure out the affordable amount to be paid every month and offer you a debt settlement or a debt management program. Here you can always take advantage of a debt consolidation loan calculator.

2. Written agreement. In case you are satisfied with the counseling session, you can sign up an agreement for the services with our partner directly.

3. Relief from lender calls. As soon as the necessary papers signed with best debt consolidation company, the counselor starts negotiations with the customer’s creditors as to interest rate reduction and late fees elimination. Best debt consolidation programs save you from unpleasant conversations too. The payment plan is introduced at this stage.

4. Payments to the company. As soon as the payment plan is agreed by all parties, the client starts paying to the company once a month and the latter distributes money among the creditors.

5. Re-evaluation of the client financial state. As a rule, after the 180 days, the expert inquires about your financial situation. In case it got worse, he will again negotiate with the creditors about a new payment plan, which will match your current situation.

Get a fresh financial start right now with debt consolidation help online!