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Needless to say, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. By the way, there’s an interesting fact about the name: it was adopted from an accounting term where red ink is a sign of a negative profit margin and black one indicates a positive profit margin. You can save a lot of money and benefit from attractive Black Friday’s bargains but it’s important to get to know how to maximize your profit! Follow our helpful tips and have a great shopping!

Use Black Friday Shopping Apps

Fortunately, today mobile apps help to make our life much easier. There are apps designed to make you extra money and keep you informed about the best shopping deals and offers. Do not forget to check best apps and ads this year! With a help of these tools you can easily find best Black Friday’s deals and stay informed about coupons and discounts. Moreover, some apps will even help you to find a parking place at the mall! Try TGI Black Friday app which is very popular this year, find great deals and share them with friends!

Make a Research Beforehand

A bad product is always a bad deal. If you want to make the maximum use of Black Friday’s deals, it’s necessary to make a research ahead. Make a list of products you want to buy and get the necessary information about them. Also it’s necessary to prepare financially and make up a budget. However, if you’re facing a lack of money you can always get financial assistance at It’s important to make sure that you are going to make a smart shopping decision and products you will buy have a good quality. Don’t rely on advertisement completely, check consumers’ reviews and feedbacks.

Do Price Comparison

That’s where mobile apps can help us again. Use top apps to make a price comparison and be sure that you really have the best deal possible! Also you can use sites like to compare product prices. Always check the information and details of the deal. Quite often it happens that retailers advertise a low price for a product, but you should pay extra to buy the necessary parts to make this products perform as expected.

Find Early Bird Shopper Discounts

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One of Black Friday’s shopping secrets is an opportunity to take advantage of early bird specials, so check the list of store hours and special sales. Make sure you know hours of operation of your favorite stores and their special offers, otherwise you can miss a good deal! Don’t forget to check “Web only” deals, they usually start as early as Thanksgiving day. Keep in mind that you can order products online and pick them up at a local store.

Benefit from Lowest-Price Guarantee

There are many stores offering a lowest-price guarantee. However, you may be asked to bring the ads of the same product advertised for less. Get ready for such a requirement and print the web page with the details of the deal. It often happens that local retailers do not meet prices mentioned on a company’s website so printing the deal will give you an additional bargaining power.

Get Aware of the Store Policies

It’s important to know the store policies on returns because it can help you to decide where to buy. It’s worth noticing that this year there are not so many stores ready to extend “return days” during the holidays. Keep in mind that many retailers include restocking fees and shorter return deadlines. Most major retailers have clamped down on requiring receipts for returns or exchanges and also many of them have a database of people abusing return policies. That’s why it’s necessary to know the store policies on return and avoid abusing it.