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How many times have you regretted impulse buying? Spend some time reviewing the best credit repair companies and you won’t get into financial trouble.

Well, the number of companies that provide credit repair services abounds and for a good reason.

  • Such credit repair companies help you fix your credit and FICO scores.
  • Their service is aimed to help you clean up your credit report.
  • Most repair services have very good success rates, which makes it really hard to find the right one solution from other best credit repair companies.

And it’s not a bad idea to learn who is the best.

While many people still try to get a free credit repair, there are thousands of those who successfully dispute such issues every day. So, if you’re about to get help from the best credit repair company, let’s learn who’s really going to help you.

Top Credit Repair Services Worth Your Money & Time

‘Credit repair near me’ is the second most popular question among those who decided to fix their credit report. And that’s obvious.

The truth is that working with a local credit repair company is usually preferable. Face it, the comfort in knowing the person within driving distance is a whole lot better versus just having a phone number to call. No guarantee, it may be answered.

So, we researched several companies that provide fast credit repair and narrow our list down to the best credit repair services. And comes top of this list. Review

What is the best thing that makes one of the top credit repair companies?

Advanced credit repair business experience and quick results are the perks that make worth the hype. Being in business for twenty years, it has a proven record of successful removals with their customers.

There’s no other credit repair service that is 100% committed to keeping clients’ credit scores to rise and remain high. Going beyond one-time credit repair, the company offers a more sustainable approach. As a result, they help customers make a difference in their financial habits.

  • What about the price?

Even though this credit repair company provides more expensive services, it offers extras you can’t get anywhere else. Thus, for $99.95 you get all the basic credit repair services, theft protection and the ability to track the progress of disputes. Sometimes this option pays off, in the long run, all in all. cost

Once you decided to get started, there is a one-time charge of $14.99 to pull a member’s credit report. The good part is that this fee is much lower than what other fast credit repair services offer. The best part is that there would not be any other additional fees once the member’s first credit is pulled.

  • Features
  1. Apart from the basic credit repair services, offers some extra help for free. So, you can take advantage of a set free credit repair services to improve your credit score. According to reviews, this is a nice extra for people who are looking for free advice.
  2. gives you the benefit of working with a solid company. They remove unfair and inaccurate bankruptcies, late payments, repossessions, hard inquiries, collections, judgments, and charge-offs.
  3. It works with all three credit agencies – Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Of course, it works also with other original creditors.
  4. It gives you access to monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection. The best thing that could be done at no extra charge.
  5. offers a more innovative technology, which results in a more competitive help. You can use an online dashboard, a credit score tracker, a mobile app, text/email alerts, and 24/7 credit monitoring.
  • What are people saying about and its service?

The company provides a solid credit repair customer service. They don’t offer any service guarantee with the only exception – if it was unsatisfactory. You are also provided with a comprehensive online client portal and a free app on Android or iOS is available 24/7.

People are saying many different things about the company both positive and negative. Spend more time reading reviews on credit repair, as it can save you a bundle. One thing is sure, reviews BBB shouldn’t be a deal breaker for you but anyway prevention is better than cure.

Interesting fact!

Most credit repair company reviews tend to be positive. Most of them affirm that is the best credit repair option with bad credit. Even though cost is more expensive, it’s definitely worth the hype.


So, if you’re looking for a solution that offers you credit repair and credit score monitoring all-in-one, could be your safe bet.

  • Verdict

Is credit repair legit? If you are still in doubt, then you should take more time to learn credit repair reviews.

Is credit repair worth it? Definitely, it’s worth a try.

All in all, an average 40-points increase in Transunion credit score during the first four months is a big number. Review

LexingtonLaw credit repair

What is the best thing that makes Lexington Law one of the best credit repair agencies?

Well-known and trusted by over 500,000 customers in 19 different U.S. states, Lexington Law stays on top of the heap. In fact, the possibilities of Lexington credit repair are almost endless. So, if you are looking for the best credit repair companies near me, chances are Lexington Law firm credit repair is there.

With over 24 licensed credit repair specialists, Lexington services are of good value. They come to your help to improve credit score in the mortgage finance sphere and student loans. In addition, they provide services to identity theft and divorce. Apart from that, you can get a free consultation on credit law. On top of that, if you’re looking for the cheap credit repair agency, Lexington Law could be your smart bet.

  • What about the price?

Even though Lexington Law credit repair cost is considered to be the lowest one, the credit repair packages vary in prices. So, depending on how extensive you need your credit repair to be, the costing levels abound. Before you decide which path to take, read carefully Lexington Law credit repair reviews first.

  1. The basic option – Lex OnTrack – $24.95/month. An absolute basic option for those who need to budge their credit score by a smudging. So, it’s a perfect choice for minor defaults or simple clear-cut errors, nothing more.
  2. Concord Standard -$89.95/month. The standard credit repair option which covers the essentials of ethical credit report repair. So, it works great when you need to remove negatives from your credit report.
  3. Concord Premier – $109.95/month. This is the mid-range offering that takes things to the next level. To help you resolve your credit problems, extra credit intervention services come into play. As a result, you get inquiry assist, score analysis, report watch and TransUnion alerts.
  4. PremierPlus – $129.95/month. This is the full 360-degree Lexington Law firm credit repair option that gets all the help you need to get out of the credit repair process. It could be right at home if you need to increase your credit score quite considerably in order to get say a mortgage. Fast credit repair services such as cease and desist assistance, FICO score tracker, identity protection or personal finance tool will come to your aid.
  • Features

Before making Lexington Law credit repair review we visited their website. The company claims to have helped remove over 10 million negative items from the client’s reports in 2017 alone. and that’s huge.

So, does Lexington Law credit repair work? Well, the experts from Lexington Law will help you get your credit report from the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Once they review your credit report, the disputing process to all three credit bureaus will take place.

The best thing is that you can track your process in real time. For Premier customers, a monthly credit score improvement analysis is available.

  • Verdict

With over 27 years of experience in credit restoration, Lexington Law gives you nothing but the best. In addition, the company has an A+ rating with the BBB and clients experience an average of 10.2 items removed within 4 months.

Is Lexington Law worth it? No financial decisions are without risk, but credit repair programs are sure worth a try. If your credit score is not in tip-top shape, find Lexington Law credit repair phone number and ask if they can help you. vs. Lexington Law – Who’d Win in a Fight?

Chances are that you’ve heard that both and Lexington Law are the two biggest names in the credit repair business. There’s no wonder that they get compared a lot. And that is right.

Each company has its own benefits that could be right at home for one person and absolutely unacceptable for others. Your financial situation and your credit report are unique, so the better way is to consider pricing and other extra perks of each company.

The next step is to carefully read credit repair companies’ reviews. Once you’ve done your research, the decision-making process would be as simple as that.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Review

skyblue credit

What is the best thing that makes Sky Blue credit repair shine?

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Sky Blue is definitely worth the attention. Known for being knowledgeable of the credit repair issues, Sky Blue ride themselves with an A+ rating. In fact, Sky Blue credit repair BBB is not something easy to buy or fake that rating.

The company offers an online portal for customers who want to check the status of their disputes. On top of that, Blue Sky credit repair offers a how-to guide, which is a great option to improve your credit score & your credit habits. Apart from a solid reputation, the company offers excellent customer service and faster results. Just to make things clear, the company claims to offer 15 credit item disputes per 35 days, 5 for each bureau.

  • How much does Sky Blue credit repair cost?

The good thing is that there’s only one pricing package $79.00 that covers all of the credit repair services. For couples, the price remains the same at $119.00. In case, you need to cancel your pricing plan, no need to worry, Sky Blue allows you to do that.

On top of that, a potential client has a 90-day trial period and if you’re not satisfied with the result, a 100% refund is back in your pocket. Again, the company offers a 3-month satisfaction guarantee – and that makes it a gamechanger. Check out Sky Blue credit repair reviews to learn how the process usually happens.

  • Features

Blue Sky credit repair review wouldn’t be complete without a list of a wide range of services they offer. Collections removal, charge-offs, liens, credit repair loans, bankruptcies, late payments, repossession, identity theft, foreclosures, you name it. Indeed, a set of extra services like debt validation or goodwill letters are nothing new to Sky Blue. And the best part is that all of them come at no extra cost.

In addition to that, they can recommend personalized tips to improve your FICO score. You can also ask for assistance in getting a free credit report. It’s an extremely customized service that gives you all the help you need with credit repair. In fact, lots of positive credit repair services reviews are proof of that.

  • Verdict

Deciding when to use Sky Blue is a personal one. As it was said before, it all depends. The best option is to do your own research, weigh all the pros and cons and then give it a try. All in all, it’s a reputable company that won many clients credit report quick disputes and increased their credit scores. So, if 90-day trial, one pricing package, and the ability to cancel your plan any time matter to you, then Sky Blue is your perfect opt.

Sky Blue credit vs. Lexington Law – What’s Your Choice?

While both Sky Blue credit and Lexington Law are all great, it depends on your unique needs. There’s no same financial situation, so choosing your best bet is up to you.

Look at companies’ reviews, weigh pros and cons and try to fit it for your particular financial situation. Indeed, you can always call Sky Blue credit and ask how much they can help. Who knows, maybe the decision-making process would be a lot easier for you. All in all, both companies are worth your time and effort.

Finally, Do Credit Repair Companies Work?

Bad credit may sound like a financial death sentence, that’s where credit repair companies come into effect. Sometimes they have answers you don’t, sometimes they promise to increase your score, sometimes they’re worth the hype.

In fact, there’s nothing extraordinary credit repair companies do. Yet, the problem is always is time and knowledge. Sometimes when you can’t waste any minute more to get a mortgage you’ve dreamt about, turning to a credit repair company is your smartest bet. And the best solution is to find a company that is large enough to provide the service you need. Since online reviews are a vital part of U.S. consumers’ decision-making, it makes sense to do your own research.

As long as you keep your eyes open, your financial well-being is nothing but reality. Remember that credit repair has nothing to do with your debt consolidation. Credit repair is a strictly legal method to remove negative items from your credit report. That is what best credit repair companies do.