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Black Friday is coming already this week, so it’s necessary to get ready for the biggest shopping event of the year! You may think that on Black Friday you’ll succeed in any way because numerous goods will be available at impressive discounts up to 90%. However, if you don’t have a plan and don’t know about the special tricks, Black Friday shopping can turn out not so advantageous for you. So, use our helpful tips to save money and to get the best Black Friday deals!

Take Advantage of Early Bird Discounts

First of all, it’s worth being an early bird because early shopping allows you to have a better choice and to avoid crowds. Secondly, some stores start using Black Friday prices already on Wednesday and offer discounts to loyal customers. However, stores may allow you to take advantage of these prices even if you’re not a member. That’s why set an alarm and start hunting for the best Black Friday deals early in the morning!

Make a List and Compare Prices

Making a list of things you intend to buy is a must. It’s easy to lose control over yourself when you see all the great discounts and you think that you may never have such a great chance again. Set a budget, in case you don’t have enough money to buy what you need, you can always get short-term loans online from our company.

When you already know what to buy, do a price comparison. Use such sites like ShopAdvisor, ShopSavvy, PriceWatch. They will allow you to see the cheapest prices and compare them. Also, you can compare prices with the help of these great shopping apps!

Watch Your Favorite Retailers

If you have favorite retailers, sign up for their email alerts and follow official Facebook and Twitter pages. Many retailers send exclusive Black Friday deals to consumers on their email list. Thus, watch your favorite companies not to miss their special offers!

Check Reviews

black friday shopping
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If you’re going to make big purchases, it’s better to check reviews before you buy. For example, if you’re going to buy electronics. Many retailers like Amazon and Walmart allow consumers to write reviews for products on their sites. Checking reviews doesn’t take much time, but it can save you good money!

Check Prices

If you see something in the store but you’re not sure it’s a great deal, use an app to scan the bar code and it will show you the store offering the best price! RedLaser and PriceGrabber are one of the best apps for it.

Use Coupons

Most Black Friday ads are placed online but it doesn’t mean that it’s not worth checking newspapers. Don’t forget that newspapers can contain exclusive coupons which you will not find in any other place! That’s why check local newspapers for coupons to save more on Black Friday! Bonus: pay attention to our tips that will make you wealthy!

Use Cash or a Credit Card

Going to Black Friday shopping, better leave your debit card at home. If you shop with a credit card, you limit your financial liability in case of fraud to $50 when with a debit card your liability could be up to $500. It depends on how quickly you will find out about fraudulent charges.

Give a Second Try to a Missed Deal

If the great Black Friday deal you hoped to get was sold out when you arrived, it’s not worth thinking that you have lost your last chance. Go back to the store in one or two days and check again. Many consumers buy things in a rush, later they decide that they don’t need or want these things and return them to the store.

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