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Airline Credit Cards

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In a simple word, airline credit cards are used to get travel rewards for spending during traveling. Airline companies usually offer such cards. Sometimes the cards holders can’t use the services of the particular airline companies but the price of the flight pays this inconvenience off.

If you usually use a specific airline during your business trips, applying for their credit cards would be a benefit. This way, you simply save money on the cost of the ticket. Furthermore, airline companies offer other discounts and special offers.

For instance, the Northwest Visa card gives 10,000 air miles just by registering their card. The American Airlines Citibank MasterCard gives 7,500 air miles for a platinum account. The aforementioned Northwest Visa allows receiving a mile for every $2 you spend beyond $10,000.

These cards are profitable for people, who pay the whole credit card balance every month.

Not every airline company will offer this option. That’s why you should apply to your bank to ask whether they offer airline credit cards. Sometimes airline credit cards from banks are even more profitable as they don’t limit the number of airline companies.