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Where to Get Affordable Military Car Insurance?

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People consider car insurance for a military to be an award for their service to the country. That’s why most of the insurance agencies offer affordable offers and discounts. Military members and their families belong to a special group of clients. As they regularly move around, they tend to be penalized and charged with higher rates if they obtain no special provisions.

So, there are places to get the best car insurance for a military.

  • USAA or the United Services Automobile Association focuses on the services for militaries, including cheap vehicle coverage. Its packages are very flexible for militaries and offer discounts and special propositions. For instance, your premium won’t rise due to one accident, if your account has been being accident-free for 5 years.
  • GEICO offers 15% off to active or retired military personnel and National Guard members. Particular discounts are offered for military personnel working in the high-risk area.
  • Armed Forces Insurance is another company offering military car insurance discounts but it might not work in your state. So, check it out beforehand.
  • com is a cool tool to compare car insurance military offers and choose the most affordable one.

If you belong to deployed military personnel, make sure that car insurance covers your status.