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Affiliate programs repeatedly top the income reports for high-earning bloggers. The process is simple: in exchange for your promotion of a third-party product, you will receive a percentage of sales every time a customer makes a purchase through your link.

Affiliate Marketing in a Nutshell

If you want to earn online, easy and plain, do not neglect affiliate marking option. Bloggers, who earn a lot, always include affiliate programs into their top income reports.

One does not need to invest much money to launch an affiliate marketing business. There is no need to create a service or product, ship or stock goods. You can work as an affiliate marketer whenever and wherever you want and get passive income.

Take a look at a worldwide 5-years statistic provided by Google Trends.

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Does Affiliate Marketing Really Make Money?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ Affiliate marketing sites can give you extra money and provide you with full-time income when sitting at home. The success depends not only on the selection of affiliate programs. To gain success, all your steps should be consistent and correct.

According to Statista, there are 39% of  survey participants that said their priority in overall marketing investment was search engine marketing and optimization.

Before starting to make money online with affiliate marketing, you should learn everything that can contribute to success. Moreover, if you want to get money from affiliate marketing or add affiliate marketing to the business you already have, you should realize that this process is not automatic and fast.

It needs your efforts to reach the goal. You need to make a plan and be involved every day to make money with affiliate marketing. Read all the guidelines and watch videos on how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

The top affiliate programs to make money are:

  • Rakuten Linkshare;
  • Clickback;
  • СJ Affiliate;
  • Amazon Associates;
  • Profitner;
  • Avantlink;
  • Ebay;
  • ShareASale;
  • Avantgate;
  • Flexoffers;
  • Revenuewire.

Affiliate programs play a role of intermediaries between the merchant who provides goods and an affiliate marketer, that sells these items. They both profit from a benefit program: the merchant will increase sales and the affiliate marketer will get a percentage of every sold item.

The Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Find a natural fit to choose them. The selected product has to appeal to your audience. The readers/viewers trust your recommendations. However, if you impose your visitors or readers the products they are not interested in, you risk to earn no dime and lose your followers.

Consider the items you already use. For example, if you are a wellness coach, the product for selling weight will be successfully affiliated with your blog.

According to Statista, there are 39% of survey participants that said their priority in overall marketing investment was search engine marketing and optimization.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

There are three guidelines to do it:

  1. The first is to include the goods that make sense. If you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, options like email marketing, paid ads, and social media can help you gain success in the affiliate marketing. Let us imagine that your site is designed for new entrepreneurs. In such a case you can earn a lot from products related to theme development or web hosting, especially if you share your opinion about them. Additionally, you should realize what your audience wants.
  2. The second guideline on how to make money with affiliate programs is to select the right model. If you can’t fit a product into your content strategy in a natural way, try another platform, like Pinterest, which is created for people in that target market. Try a pay-per-click campaign. It requires an account, a landing page and a little budget to start (read about business loans for young entrepreneurs to choose your funding strategy). But be cautious – your audience can feel that you impose a product you do not like. In such a case you will lose their trust and become some kind of an internet spammer for them.
  3. The third guideline is to invest money in compelling visual brand. Do not forget that design is essential. Quality website design and nice images show your subscriber, that the product is of good quality. If you are not skillful at designing graphics, you should invest in professional designer or copywriter.

Affiliate marketing can be a path to income, no matter if you want to make a new business or want to supplement your income. Make sure to invest in an interesting idea and do not take shortcuts.