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There was a time when apps were used only for entertainment but today everything is different. Apps can help you to organize your lifestyle, stay fit, to manage your money and even to earn you some!

Most likely, you don’t know about them and it’s time to introduce you great tools which can bring some extra money to your pocket! Use them to raise your wealth and believe that it won’t take a long time!

If you go to the chart, provided by Google Trends, you will notice that the interest of making money only has grown stronger over the last 5 years in the USA.

best money making apps


Do you like taking photos? If yes, then Foap is a must-have for you! You may not believe it, but some people are ready to pay good money, for example, for pictures of your pets! Charge as much as you want for a photo and use money-making opportunities that Foap gives you.


Expensify suits you perfectly if you have trouble with your expense reports. With the help of this app, you can capture receipts, track business trips, make expense reports and do many other useful things. Expensify allows you doing some complicated things quickly and you can save your precious time to make more money!


When you need more money to meet expenses, you can always count on online loans from Personal Money Service. Also, you can sell old books you don’t need anymore! Install Bookscouter, scan the barcodes with the help of your smartphone and see comparisons of payouts from book buyback firms. When you find the most attractive offer, fill out payment information and send your books to the buyback company.


This is a great app for making money! Locate jobs through the “Job List” or “Map View”. Select a job that has caught your eye, check additional information and accept it. Once you have chosen a job, you have 2 hours to do it. However, it’s important to make sure you’re near the objective before starting your task.


Want to get rid of your old laptop? Use this helpful app to do it and make money! Everything is more than simple: select the type of device, add a description, pack it up and ship it! You can choose the way you want to get paid: with a cheque or through PayPal. This app is totally awesome!


It’s one of the best apps for shoppers (also, check the list of the best apps to compare prices in stores). All you have to do is to take photos of your receipts and receive rebates! Sign up, download the app on your smartphone and click on “Rebates”. Get ready to see hundreds of attractive offers!


Want to become more productive at work? Install Casual right now! This amazing app helps to reduce fails with deadlines and problems with the team if you have some. With the help of Casual you can handle your tasks and projects differently, just draw your tasks as flowcharts. Also, this app has a great feature that helps to visualize dependencies between tasks.

I-Say Mobile

Many people today choose to complete surveys as a way of making extra cash. If you like this idea and have some spare time, then you definitely have to use this app from the Ipsos company. It’s one of the best survey apps which can help you to boost your income easily!

Another advantage is that you can collect points and exchange them for gift cards from iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers. If you don’t want any gift cards then you can easily cash them with the help of Paypal.