“Money can’t buy you love, but it can get you some really good chocolate ginger biscuits.” — Dylan Moran“

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More than 100 million cards are exchanged every year on Valentine’s Day. That’s the second result after Christmas Eve. The 14th of February is a holiday that dates back to the 5th century. Nowadays, it’s a special date for couples and those who look for a soul mate.

No wonder the romantic fever forces people to buy presents, flowers, chocolates, and cards. Some experts say that this year Valentine’s Day spending can reach $20 billion!

Keep in mind that some lovebirds go to the extent of purchasing expensive jewelry, accessories and even real estate to impress their spouses.

It would be unfair to blame them. Everyone wants to be loved and this holiday is a perfect chance. If you plan to get something significant for your other half, be sure to use Personal Money Service.

A tight budget is not an excuse to neglect this romantic holiday! However, there are a few ways you can conquer someone’s heart without spending too much.

Expenses and Savings

As you may have noticed, Valentine’s Day is not a cheap holiday. Not only because of the presents and gifts you are supposed to get. The thing is, prices literally rise right before the 14th of February. The very same bouquet of flowers can cost thrice as much! It is only natural the people are trying to save money on this day.

It becomes quite challenging when your partner enjoys this type of celebration. Some people may even think that you don’t care about them unless you bring a precious gift on Valentine’s Day. Often husbands feel obliged to buy a present for their beloved wives. To protect their wallets, they can use the following tips. 5 money-saving tips are something that everyone needs during these tough economic times.

Homemade Dinner

Why spending all your cash to eat out when you can make a sweet dinner for two at home? No special skills are needed! Just look up some simple yet delicious dishes. There are thousands of websites ready to supply you with interesting recipe ideas suitable for Valentine’s Day!

Museum Date

Museums and galleries are not that popular yet they are perfect for a sweet date. Imagine: just the two of you spending hours together, enjoying art and each other’s company. This surely will be a day to remember.

Look for Discounts

While a lot of companies deliberately raise prices to profit from Valentine’s Day, some of them come up with discounts. You can find coupons in the newspaper or check websites for holiday deals. It is always possible to shop smarter.

First Date

money saving tips on Valentine's day
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Pretend this is your first date all over again! It doesn’t matter whether this day was romantic or awkward, it still bears precious memories shared by both of you. What is more, this kind of date won’t cost you too much.

Travel Together

No need to go abroad. There are numerous points of interest you two can visits. Besides, oil prices favor this idea. All you need is a car, some sandwiches, travel coffee mugs and a good mood. Adventures are waiting for you and your beloved person!