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If you are a shopaholic or just someone who needs to buy plenty of stuff for your family year-round, this question must have popped up in your head countless times when bills pile up.

There is a way but only if you are not paying the full price of the goodies whenever you can. Clever buyers are opportunists and never settle for immediate gratification.

They tend to have more patience to wait for sales to kick off and consider other opportunities before they hit their targets. Also, most people do not have a perfect credit score. Of course, you can get loans for bad credit even here online, but isn’t it better to always rely on your own finance? Anyway, let’s see what you have to do to never worry about having some cash in your wallet.

#1 Comparing prices

Basic coaching as it may sound but tons of shoppers fail to compare the prices of the same products in other shops to see if they are selling it for a lesser price or even offering discounts. It is smart to do a little research in online stores before you add items in your cart or hit the stores and settle for more. Technology has made the daunting task of shopping simpler. Apps like Asap54 can search for you the different stores where the same item is put on sale, even giving you an option to go for the ones which are in discount. Also, you can check a list of great apps for price comparison from Personal Money Service.

#2 Pick your right choice in resale sites

There are plenty of sites and apps where you can pick the best pre-owned items of your choice at a much cheaper rate. No, it is not like a regular busy flea market where you aren’t certain about the condition of goods. Sites like Consignment and resale sites offers the best service where the items are selected by teams of professionals after examining their condition and durability before they are up for sale.

#3 Let your patience reward you

Classics never run out of style. Have you have been craving for a classic denim jacket or a pair of shoes, a must-have, which never run out of fashion? Wait for a little more patiently until the year’s dependable sales pass by. It can even be a leather bag or a pair of goggles you have been swooning over. Most of the departmental or branded stores offer a major percentage discount every quarterly or so, to sell off all the pieces in stock. This is the best time to go and grab the goodies.

#4 Look what eBay has to offer you

Both for buyers and sellers alike, eBay is heaven. There are plenty of opportunities including pre-loved items, and new listings on the NWT site each minute, where you can buy the same items way cheaper than in regular stores. Make use of it for maximum savings. Besides, you can read the following eBay shopping tips!

#5 Research coupons

Check your coupons lets you fall for the company’s bargain-hunting techniques. Before adding items to your card, do a quick online swipe with the store’s name and coupon. The sites like and Retail Me Not do have plenty of offers where you can genuinely save your money.

All these tips will help you to never worry of things like – loans and, as a result, debt collectors (but we strongly recommend reading this article about your debt consolidation options in case you ever find yourself in a difficult monetary situation)

Start now to shop smart and save your money!