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Facebook is something you can love or hate. All the people have different attitude and reasons to use it, but we can’t underestimate an impact it has on our social life and culture. Many people think that using social media is just a waste of time and if you’re one of them then we have something to tell you!

Facebook can give you at least 5 important lessons about money and, actually, other food for thought. Today we will take a look at one of the most popular social media site of all times not as on our biggest time waster, but as on our good teacher.

No Sense to Compare Yourself to Others

Needless to say that most of all people on Facebook like showing what they have. It’s important for many to show others how successful they are and what they can afford. If you have just filled an emergency loan online application to pay an urgent bill and after you see your school mate putting pictures of his brand new car on Facebook, you may start comparing yourself to him.

Remember, everyone posts better versions of themselves and their better life. If you have something to use as a motivation or inspiration in life – it’s great, but don’t waste your time on thoughts that someone lives better then you. Be yourself and be comfortable as you are.

You Will Not Like Everything You See

Life is a kind of a Facebook feed – everyday something is happening and you see it. Do you like absolutely everything you see in life? For sure, you don’t. You don’t put a like under every post you see on Facebook. Whatever you are doing in life – working in the office, owning a business, working part time in a store or looking for legitimate ways to make money at home, you should work hard on yourself. A way to success is not a way of flowers and candies, it’s a hard way where you have to overcome many obstacles and face many things you don’t like.

Unfriend Negative People in Real Life

You work on yourself trying to make your life better but some people may be telling you, that nothing’s good is going to come out of that. You can be saving money for a car or a down payment for a house or you can be trying finally pay off your credit card debt, there can be people making jokes of you and not giving you any support. Life is full of unpleasant and sad things, so people we surround ourselves with should make it a little bit better. Don’t waste your time on wrong people, be with those who can support you and who you can learn from.

Your Money Make Some People Wealthier

If you have stayed at home because you’re on a financial diet and went to Facebook, then somebody can still make you spend some money. Facebook is full of advertisement and information about different goods, so if you’re trying to save money, it can be hard for you to resist. Services and goods providers will be happy to get some of your money, but remember, that you are the only one who makes a decision. Don’t put short-term happiness over a long-term goal!

Everything is in Your Hands

Don’t ever make yourself a victim and blame someone for things that happening to you. On Facebook, nothing appears in your profile without your participation and in your life things don’t happen on its own. If you’re in debt, it’s a result of wrong financial behavior and bad solutions. But still, you can change your life into the better because everything depends on you! Living within your means is the only right way to stay on top of your finances. When you count your money, you control the situation!

Hopefully, thanks to these lessons you can see that Facebook is not as useless as you thought it is. Sometimes it’s worth taking a different look at one or another thing and it can turn out a source of new knowledge!

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