summer holidays money tips
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In case you are the one making plans for summer vacation already, take note of the following strategies of being frugal.

Even if your summer holidays seem a distant future now, start saving means for it already today. There is enough time for you to change your daily spending habits a bit, and see a sensitive amount of money saved for your vacation. Actually following the advice below can be applied to any goal you follow, not necessarily summer trip.

You may just try to follow several tips for a certain period and see what your savings will be.

Use Following Tips

  1. Keep your travel fund isolated from your other accounts, not to be tempted to deep into it for some additional money. You should have an emergency fund for this or turn to emergency loans supplier in case you badly need money.
  2. Make a separate account for your vacation and automate payments into it, you will just have no possibility to spend cash before it’s deposited into your travel fund.
  3. Subscribe for the newsletters from several travel agencies and airlines, to be aware of the flash sales or special offers. You may be pleasantly surprised by some of them.
  4. As soon as you have chosen several possible destinations, find out when they have the off-season, at such time the rates are lower due to the smaller amount of visitors.
  5. Think of the all-inclusive tour, paid meals and drinks can help to keep your costs down.
  6. Find out if you have any credit cards reward programs to benefit from, or maybe even offered miles by some of them.
  7. Reorganize your spending, think of the possibility to cut certain costs like cable TV or the internet, eating out or going to the gym.
  8. It’s spring already, the very time for spring cleaning, sell your unnecessary stuff and put the means to the vacation fund.
  9. Make use of the coupons as well as of the cash back, it’s easy to be frugal with them.
  10. Create a change jar and put your spare change there every time you have one.
  11. Subscribe for a library card allowing you to borrow books, e-books, and movies completely free.
  12. Propose your services, a lot of people need help in household, cooking or babysitting.
  13. Withdraw means from your bank or its ATMs directly to avoid additional fees.
  14. Under no circumstances visit the grocery store hungry, always have a shopping list with you to avoid impulsive shopping.
  15. Save your tax refund for your vacation, don’t give in to the temptation to spend it right away.

Finally, the most effective strategy is to find out the approximate costs of your future trip and to define the monthly amount to be saved. In case the figures seem too high, you have two options – to shift the vacation to the later dates or cut the expenses you have every month.

Don’t forget that the amount you save is just an approximation, you have to be able to afford some souvenirs, eating out or just a long vacation, so always have a bit more!