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October is a month of yellow leaves and cool weather. Days are getting shorter and colder, so you have to warm your house and get ready for the winter. Also, the holiday season is coming, so it’s the right time to prepare for it. But except for all this hassle, October brings many opportunities for saving money! Try our helpful tips to stay on top of your finance this fall!

Have a Fall Vacation

You can save enough money if you chose to have a vacation between the high travel periods of summer and Thanksgiving.  In October you can enjoy discounts on hotels and cheaper tickets, so a fall vacation will not be as stressful for your budget as a summer one.

Get Ready for Halloween

Halloween can be expensive if you don’t plan your spending in front. For sure, you can always turn to the best online loan company and get financial assistance, but try these tricks to save up. Buy candies the last minute, on October 30 or 31st and enjoy attractive discounts. Don’t spend the money on a new costume and make your own! Use DoItYourself guides available on Pinterest and eHow and impress everybody!

Start Planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Start stocking up on essentials. In October you can start planning your menu and Christmas gifts. Take your time and create a list of necessary things, put it in your wallet and check if something on your list is on sale every time you go shopping. Spreading expenses over a few months is a smart solution because it makes holidays less stressful in a financial sense.

Prepare Your Home for the Winter

Even if the beginning of October is nice and warm, don’t forget that the winter is coming. Get your home ready for cold months and fix all the cracks and holes in your house. Before switching the heater, get it serviced to make sure it works normally. Also, you will save money in October if you use layers and blankets instead of a heater to keep yourself warm.

Refinance Student Loans

Needless saying that a student loan debt is a problem for many people. For the moment we don’t know if future elections will make the life of borrowers easier. November is the time when federal student loan grace period expires for most people, so you can save money by refinancing your student loans in October.

Shop at Farmer’s Markets

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Visit your local farmer’s market to save on groceries! Broccoli, mushrooms, pears, berries are all in season, so take advantage of low prices. Also, don’t forget that it’s a perfect time to buy pumpkins and cook something of it!

Review Your Expenses

Most likely, summer was a time of crazy spending for you so use the moment to review your expenses. Look where you can cut spending and save money. For example, stop your gym membership for one month and work out at home or outdoors, watch movies at home instead of going to the cinema.

Negotiate Your Bills

Call your phone, cable and Internet providers to see if they can offer you better plans. More likely, they have new offers you don’t know about, so renegotiate the cost of your services. And don’t hesitate, it always works because providers are interested in you to stay with them!

Buy a New Vehicle

October is a good time for buying a new vehicle because dealers want to move 2015 models. Many car companies released their new models in summer, so prices for 2015 models go down. Wait until the end of the month to take advantage of the best prices possible!

Enjoy Outdoor Activities

This fall you can save money by choosing free outdoor activities. There are many ways to have fun outside! While the weather is still warm, go for a ride on your bike or have a barbeque with family and friends in the yard. Be creative and look for all the best autumn activities!