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In the inevitable pursuit of money, often we don’t realize what secrets our cherished dollar bills hold. The first money in form of coins is considered to appear before Christ but how much do we know about it today?

Money, which we use daily, keeps thousands of secrets as they are passing from hand to hand and this process seem to never end. These top 10 facts about money will change your attitude to treasured banknotes forevermore!

Money Pose Real Threat to Health

Unfortunately, money doesn’t linger on our hands for too long. The constant circulation of banknotes from hand to hand causes the constant circulation of different viruses and bacteria! Medical specialists made it clear that money contains such dangerous microorganisms as staphylococcus!

There is no need to list the detrimental effects of this germ. 94% of all dollar bills contain viruses, which remain active during 17 days.

But that’s not all! One of the most controversial is the assumption that money contains traces of cocaine. Remaining a hypothesis for a long time, now this fact is scientifically proven by the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth. The research of their specialists revealed the shocking truth – 90% of dollar bills (released in 2009 and later) contain cocaine traces! While money is considered to be a magic key for a better life, it still has dirty secrets.

Pickled Secrets of Coins

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What do you prefer for an appetizer – pickled cucumbers or onions? Maybe trying pickled coins also makes sense? It may sound ridiculous but the well-known coins, dimes, and quarters are marinated too!

The concept of marinating isn’t a joke. Coins are usually pickled in the special chemical substances for polishing and cleaning their surface. It makes the surfaces of coins and dimes suitable for different faces, letters, and numbers printed on them later.

Money and even coins have the specific period of exploitation. So, it is probable futile to hope that our favorite coins will come back to us one day after a long travel. All banknotes and coins are recycled into new rustling and clinking bucks and coins. The waste-free production is a necessary prerequisite of the future.

Too Much Money

Today reality makes us facing the impressing and shocking numbers – the revenue of different worldwide companies.

  • Apple is one of the most successful and staggering companies in the whole world, which earns approximately $300,000 per minute. 60400 Apple workers are scattered across the world – 60% of the whole mass work in the retails stores. Assuming this fact, theoretically, the company earns $18 million per hour! Obviously, the company spends enormous funds to develop the products and maintain the corporation but $18 million per hour sounds ridiculous, right?
  • The other money making giant is McDonalds, which makes $75 million per day. Unfortunately, it shows the unhealthy interest of consumers to the junk food.

Non-traditional Payment Methods

Nowadays banknotes are not just a payment method but also an irreplaceable element of modern art and fashion. More and more artists and designers use the image of Benjamins to complement the design with a shade of urbanization. Still, the situation would change, if today’s pretty bills replaced with the money alternatives used by our ancestors.

Animals, stones, food, and jewelry were the most valuable monetary units. Still, there were adventurers, who launched new rules and new currency units – blood and bat guano (poo). Fortunately, for us the times have changed.

Awkward Mismatch

For some of us, credit cards are irreplaceable tools of nowadays reality. It’s hardly possible to find a person, who doesn’t owe a magic plastic card. However, some people can be hardly satisfied with only one credit card. The ridiculous mismatch in the financial world is that the number of credit cards exceeds the population of the USA several times!

It means that an average American owes minimum 5 plastic cards. About 200 million Americans use credit cards while there are nearly 2 billion of credit cards in the USA!

Mass Inability to Manage Finances

CNBC recently has presented an interesting statistics, which shown that 25% of Americans, who make at least $100,000 per year, are living paycheck to paycheck and 30% of Americans, who earn $75,000 and more, choose the same financial strategy. This fact shows that the actual wage means nothing when the person shows the inability to manage finances.

On top of that only 50% of Americans manage to keep an emergency fund. Still, it’s a good lesson for those, who rely on their income and forget about the tempting passions that require a lot of money!

The statistics are dramatically shocking but the truth is that people simply want to live and enjoy the life. Assuming the fact that we usually spend more than we earn, this statistics is quite normal.

Questionable Stability

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Every country overcomes difficult financial situations from time to time. While the economic circumstances might seem unstable, the government applies to monopoly money.

Obviously, the monopoly money isn’t that money that is used in Monopoly.

These funds are printed during hyperinflation. Sadly, their value depreciates quite quickly. $7.2 billion were printed in the US in 2015 to stabilize the financial situation and simply renew old bills.

Nothing Lasts Forever

Among people, who waste money right and left, there are people, who hide money under mattresses. The bad news is that it makes no sense. The life of the paper bills is short and saving cash can work against you. Financial experts defined the real life of Benjamins. So, the average lifespan of a $1 bill is less than 6 years, a $5 or a $10 is about 5 years, while a $50 bill can be usable for 9 years.

A real long-liver is a $100 bill, which can be in a turnover for almost 15 years. The moral is simple – forget about mattress and jar saving and turn to credit cards. It also has drawbacks but the life span of the credit card is much longer.

Dire Snowball

Most of the Americans suffer from debts and interest rates, which are growing and eventually turn into a huge insufferable snowball. The bad news is that it becomes a tendency rather than an individual case. The good news is that those, who hadn’t faced this problem yet, can avoid it.

The average American pays $280,000 in interest over their lifetime. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The number is huge but the majority has no other choice.

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Irrational Approach

While the economic situation in the world can be unstable from time to time, the solution can come from the unexpected side. According to the research of the reliable financial experts, replacing the bills with coins would save approximately $5.5 billion over 30 years.

The last words of Bob Marley were “Money can’t buy life”. While money makes up a significant part of our life, there must be something stronger than bills and coins. In today’s materialized world, it’s crucial to have a friendly family, trustworthy friends, and the right goals. Therefore, don’t stop expanding the horizons and discovering the outstanding and beautiful world!