Personal Finance Advice for Travelers

money tips for travel

This article is going to cover some of the most common and widespread finance strategies that everybody knows but rarely uses in real life. Don’t let them skip from your mind, apply these ideas and get ready to see wonderful results. Here is a list of those tips you need to apply in order to manage your personal finance.

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Buy Travel Insurance

It may be a good idea to purchase travel insurance as it covers almost all the unforeseen events that may happen to all of us at any time. In fact, you can insure your airfare, the hotel costs or medical assistance. Single category plans are much cheaper, so you can decide on one of these plans if you are on a budget. There are so many possibilities of emergency when having travel insurance can literally save your life.

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All You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

buy travel insurance

We all know how difficult it is to choose the best travel insurance that you can actually trust. Nowadays, there are so many insurance policies and plans to choose from. Travel insurance plans depend on various factors from the age of travelers to the trip cost. We are happy to share with you some helpful tips on how to make your decision and choose the right travel insurance.

Also, find out how to choose your health insurance plan!

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What Happens If You Miss Your Student Loan Payments

student loan debt consolidation

It’s not a good idea to ignore your finances as it may lead to crazy fees and penalties. Students usually don’t realize it at once, but over the years, they will have to learn it the hard way. In this article, you will learn about what may happen if you’ve ignored your student loans, and actions you need to take immediately.

It can be really tempting to forget about loan monthly statements and let them get lost in your email inbox or among other bills. However, you should bear in mind that not paying your student loans can have long-term harmful effects on your credit as well as on your monthly paychecks.

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The Review of the 2016 Home-buying Season

buying house tips

The holiday season is over, but the home-buying season is quite the contrary. Let’s remember the predictions for the outgoing year, review the 2016 home-buying season and try to assume what it all means for 2017.

Customers Want “New” Homes

In comparison with the previous years, the good news is that customers want to buy their own home, so the sales of newly built homes are better now.

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What Is a Consumer Loan?

get a consumer loan

Haven’t you ever needed money on a nonsense basis? Just for Christmas presents or a new dress for the anniversary. Everyone will more likely know themselves in it. In the eve of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, we especially need money. Personal Money Service knows the solution for you! Consumer loan would be the best decision!

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Get Your Business Funded in 2017!

funding business in 2017

The great news for every businessman or beginner is that launching and funding your own business is possible. The bad news is that there is no person, who would come to you and give the particular sum of money.

Everything in a complicated financial world depends on your resourcefulness and ideas.Click To Tweet

Yes, there are dozens of success stories, where people reach an unbelievable success coming from the bottom. It happens but, in fact, it’s difficult to find a person, who is looking forward to your outstanding ideas.

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6 Reasons Why People Would Need To Take a Loan

take a loan

According to, more than 43% of American families do actually spend more than they can financially afford. A consumer society made everyone spend beyond their actual financial opportunities.

Of course, all of us dream of having their own house, a big car and all other material things to enjoy our life to the fullest. Meanwhile, we might afford to go to the restaurants or buy brand clothes once in a while, there are costs an average American wouldn’t be able to pay right away.

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Taking a Loan Helps Boosting Your Business Revenue By 20% in 2017

boost income of your business


According to Small Business Administration (SBA), the US government agency, more than 500,000 small businesses tend to occur in the country monthly. Not all of them, though, can withstand competition having small budgeting.

Even business projects with great potentials can end up with no profits particularly because of no substantial capital in the beginning.

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Traffic Schools Save Money… and Lives

find traffic school online

Sometimes vehicle becomes a reason of the great financial expenses. Wait, it’s not about the vehicle, it’s about the driver. Unfortunately, the habits of most of the drivers often don’t fit the standard driving norms.

Exactly for this purpose, driving experts create traffic schools. Basically, traffic school is an institution, which educates drivers and stresses the importance and profit of the defensive driving.

Just imagine. The increase of the car accidents in California is 31% since 2014. 250,000 car accidents are caused annually in Florida. These states are considered to be especially dangerous among the USA when the experts are talking about the car accidents.

Florida traffic school union as well as California traffic school one has launched different profitable programs for extreme drivers.

Most of the handy programs are available in other states. The activity of traffic school shows positive results. But what influence does it have on your pocket?  Personal Money Serves sorted it out!

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How to Benefit from Your Business Loan?

business online loans

When your request for the business loan was finally approved, you may lose your head being so excited that you make a horrible mistake! This mistake lies in being not aware of the clear plan that defines your money management. Most of people don’t realize a clear purpose of the online business loan. Therefore, it doesn’t tend to bring a use to your business and help in achieving particular goals.

After approval moment, you start a period that defines your future – whether it will be successful or not. In today’s article, we decided to provide you with effective tips that will help you to manage your business loan.

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